a archeology walk in the limestone region called 'Famenne'

Since ancient times, man has journeyed through and occupied the Famenne region. Caves, Gallo-Roman villas and fortifications, Merovingian graveyards, medieval castles and churches ... let yourself be told the history of the Famenne through the evidence of its abundant archaeology and heritage.

In the heart of the Calestienne massif, the Lesse and the Lomme have hollowed out very beautiful caves such as Han-sur-Lesse which experienced human occupation at the end of the Bronze Age.

In the Gallo-Roman period, two major roads used to cross the region along which farmsteads were established. The Malagne Archeopark is an opportunity to relive the various activities revolving around its villa. The historical periods follow one another, from the Merovingians, some traces of which you will find in the Famenne Museum, to the feudal period highly illustrated by the castle of the Count of Rochefort.

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